MKTG 3331 - Principles of Marketing
Analysis, organization, planning and controlling of the firm's customer-impringing resources, policies, and activities with a view of satisfying the needs and wants of chosen customer groups at a profit.

MKTG XXXX - Analytics and Logistics: The Effective Marketer
This professional seminar explores being a professional and effective marketer from sales, analytics, logistics, budgeting for ROI, spreadsheet manipulation, analytics, and data mining, to understanding ethics and supply chains as they relate to marketing communications and promotions. Students will also explore their personal professionalism and communication skills.  Local business leaders and chambers of commerce will help to deliver guest lectures in key subject areas.

MKTG XXXX - Lifestyles of 21st Century Consumers
This course will study theory and real time cases. Students will complete ethnographic field work, social media content analyses, and employ other marketing research methodologies as they seek to understand the cultures, lifestyles, habits, needs and wants of 21st century consumers.

MKTG XXXX - Innovation Workshop I
This is the first of two interdisciplinary courses that practice self-guided learning and faculty mentoring. Students in science, math, social sciences, education, business, and communication team up with marketing students to entrepreneurially innovate new models, systems and products through collaboration, field research, open sourcing, social media analytics, and research. Upon completion of this course, students will have completed background and primary research and form a plan to create a new innovation.

MKTG XXXX - Innovation Workshop II and Lab
This is the second of two interdisciplinary courses where students from various disciplines work on teams to create new models, systems and products through collaboration, open sourcing and research.  Students will continue working with project completed in Innovation Workshop I.  This course includes a 1 hour lab as well.  Students will entrepreneurially work with marketing and science faculty and seek outside resources to actually implement or formulate an innovation.  Angel investors and local chambers of commerce will provide feedback on final project.  May be cross listed with a science and social science course.

MKTG XXXX - Modern Marvels and Models
Students will study new revolutionary innovations in retail and business models.  They will complete real time case studies and primary research to evaluate new model effectiveness and track trends to create new retail and marketing models of their own.

MKTG XXXX - Entrepreneurial You
Students will learn how to think entrepreneurially and how to market themselves. They will also develop a marketing and market feasibility plan for an idea.

MKTG XXXX - The Big Colossal Marketing Project: Capstone
Students will complete a full marketing project as an individual with a collaboration cohort that will serve as critics idea generators and directors. They will independently complete comprehensive research and a full marketing plan for a real client using lessons learned throughout the program. A written plan booklet and presentation are required.

MKTG XXXX - Fundamentals of Advertising
This interactive course is designed to enhance the students’ understanding of the essential role advertising plays in the brand marketing process. One will learn the steps to developing great creative;  generating the right insight to drive brand equity and business success; how to be a better briefer; how to assess the agency’s work; the media planning process for effective campaigns; and how to inspire their agencies to produce great work.

MKTG XXXX - Advances in Global Emerging Markets I
Students will actively share research on a particular emerging consumer market in the world.  They will study cultures, stereotypes, customs, habits, marketplaces, development, NGOs, gatekeepers, local retail environments, marketing strategies, and multinational corporations’ innovations for the market’s consumers.  Students will take fieldtrips, and generate and deliver reports.

MKTG XXXX - Advances in Global Emerging Markets II
Students will visit the emerging market and study marketing techniques and needs in market.  They will visit multinational corporations, innovation centers, and universities.  Students will also complete service learning projects in the emerging market.  Upon return to the U.S., they will deliver presentations and discuss new marketing techniques and needs for the market.

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