1. Grow enrollment
  2. Start high demand, high wage programs (STEM, Education, Healthcare and Business)
  3. Grow more diverse revenue streams.
  4. Build a campus infrastructure to support growth

  1. Fall head count enrollment
  2. Number of new programs launched by 2018
  3. Number of new programs reaching break-even enrollment by three years
  4. Percent of non-tuition revenue
  5. Percent of facilities capabilities meeting enrollment demands

  1. Annual increases in recruitment of new students and retention of current students to reach 4,000 headcount by 2018.
  2. Average establishment of one new program per year by 2018.
  3. Achieve enrollment goals in new programs that reflect breakeven and beyond by third year of existence.
  4. 15% of budgeted revenue (non-tuition).
  5. Timely planning, resourcing and implementation of Phases I, II and III of Campus Master Plan that support increased enrollment.
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