Olivia Lopez, PhD, LMSW
Assistant Professor of Social Work


  • PhD - University of Texas at Austin

Contact Information:
Office: Worden School, Room #18
Phone: 210-434-6711, ext. 3984


Padilla, Y., Scott, J., Lopez, O. (2013). Economic Insecurity and Access to the Social Safety Net Among Latino Farmworker Families (SWJ-0340-13RR). Under Review

Lopez, O. (2006). Self-care practices with Hispanic women with Diabetes in Contemporary issues of care. Journal of Human Behavior and the Social Environment, 14(1/2), p. 183-200.

Lopez, O. Farmworkers and Social Work: The Unanswered Call. Manuscript in progress.

Lopez, O. Dosing Strategies among Mexican American Farmworking Women with Type II Diabetes. Manuscript in progress.

Lopez, O. Northern San Joaquin Valley farmworkers. Manuscript in progress.

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