The University’s Chartered Student Organizations (CSO) and Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) offer students the opportunity to meet new people, explore special interests, and develop leadership skills that will be transferable to a career. These skills translate classroom knowledge and theories to practical application, and positively enhance the students’ personal growth and the University.

Student Leadership and Development Competency Guide for College Student Leaders
The Office of Student Leadership and Development is utilizing the National Association for Campus Activities and the CAS Standards and Guidelines Core Competencies that identify ideal performance characteristics that demonstrate learning competence in 10 measurable areas. In an effort to provide a wide array of learning opportunities that will enhance the collegiate experience, maximize career skills, and serve as a learning map for student leadership involvement. Student leaders will receive training and development in a minimum of three areas each year while providing service to the campus community. The skills will enhance personal leadership and provide areas of expertise towards the goals of a future career.

Core Competencies include:
*Leadership Development
*Event Management
*Multicultural Competency
*Social Responsibility
*Clarified Values
*Assessment and Evaluation
*Intellectual Growth
*Effective Communication
*Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships

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