Retention Alert is one of the many tools we use to keep a student on the path to graduation. Retention Alert is a web-based early warning system that supports retention on our campus. Alerts are created based on retention trends or created manually by faculty, advisors or other university constituents. When a case is created, the advisor and student are immediately contacted. The Retention staff follow up with the student, the student's advisor, and the student's faculty to facilitate support efforts. Prevention and intervention are key with students who are underperforming so timing and resources are important. For more information on the Retention Alert program please email us at: 

Retention Alert Cases are created for the following reasons:
  • Students underperforming in academic courses

  • Students displaying negative attendance trends

  • Students on academic probation 

  • Freshman and sophomores who receive mid-term grades of C and below 

  • Juniors and seniors who receive mid-term grades of D and below 
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