The History of the International Folk Culture Center

The International Folk Culture Center (IFCC), Inc. was created in 1995 to promote friendship, unity, and mental and physical fitness through music and dance. For several years it was its own entity as a 501c3, and was housed but not supported by the University. Now, thanks to a generous donation by Dr. Janice Mendelson, the IFCC has become part of the University, with a goal to achieve Dr. Mendelson’s dream: “My mission is to understand each other” As part of Dr. Mendelson’s gift agreement, the University, Student Life Division, took the IFCC under its wing of responsibility.

Purpose of the International Folk Culture Center

One of the IFCC’s goals is to partner with other organizations interested in music and dance, such as the San Antonio Folk Dance Community, San Antonio Dance Umbrella, and the City of San Antonio’s Parks and Recreation Department’s Cultural Arts Division. Other divisions of Our Lady of the Lake University, such as the College of Arts and Sciences and Campus Activities will receive the IFCC’s support in multicultural ventures. IFCC intends to host workshops and festivals for students of all ages in order to enrich their lives by providing cultural activities in which they can participate. 


The IFCC Director, Lissa Bengtson, reports directly to Director of Athletics, Jack Hank.  The director is advised by an advisory board of eight members which meets four times per year, or more.  Work-study students provide about 9 hours of support per week to the director.
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