Pledge Card

In appreciation of San Antonio’s wonderful generosity, I am excited to be a part of the OLLU Pledge to Serve. I pledge to use my gifts, skills, and talents as a volunteer for this community.

OLLU's Pledge to Serve initiative is an effort to thank the San Antonio community for the support given to the University following the May 6, 2008, fire in Main Building. OLLU students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends are asked to pledge service to the community and complete the service hours before Dec. 31, 2009. An update on the pledge of service was announced during events on May 6, 2009, commemorating the anniversary of the fire.

To date, almost 13,000 hours of service have been pledged. That represents more than six years of working hours.

Volunteer service can be anything from helping a nonprofit organization to teaching religious education classes to helping at your child’s school. Include service you are already doing and service you want to begin doing.  Let us know what service you plan to complete by December 2009.

Individual information will be kept confidential.  Please use the online pledge card (above, right) and click the "Submit Your Pledge" button to provide your information to the Center for Service-Learning & Volunteerism or visit their office in Worden School Room 23.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I volunteer
Many of you are already serving this community.  Some of you may be helping your church or providing support to your child’s school.  Others are volunteering with a nonprofit organization.  Don’t forget about the volunteer work you may be doing with your friends, family, and groups that you are a member of or advise.  Include in your pledge, what you’re already doing and what you want to start doing. 

Looking for more ideas?  
Visit United Way’s Listing of Agencies 

Find a parish in the Archdiocese of San Antonio 
Participate in a vOLLUnteer Unity Council service project. These are student-organized projects offered nearly every Saturday of the academic year. Stop by the OLLU Center for Service-Learning & Volunteerism, Worden School Room 23, to sign up for one that fits your interests and availability.

What will you do with my information?
Individual pledges will be kept confidential.  The Center for Service-Learning & Volunteerism will tally pledge hours for an OLLU total to be shared with the university and community.  The Center for Service-Learning & Volunteerism will use your information to send you a reminder during the OLLU Pledge to Serve.

How do I report my completed service hours?
Staff, faculty, administrators, alumni and friends are asked to self-report their service hours by Jan. 22, 2010, to the
Center for Service-Learning & Volunteerism so that we can share this university total with the community.

Students are asked to
follow procedures already established by the Center for Service-Learning & Volunteerism so that their volunteer time can be added to their student service transcript. 

Contact Jennifer Bendele, associate director for the Center for Service-Learning & Volunteerism, at 431-3990 or

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