The Sueltenfuss Library, a dynamic resource and university community center, offers a wide range of services, materials and environments which can lead to a variety of sound levels. We strive to provide a balance among the different uses of library resources while creating an environment that is conducive to study. The following policy is intended to guide students, faculty, staff and visitors in etiquette regarding noise in the library which will contribute to this balance of activity and sound.

The 2nd floor is the most interactive floor of the library, where research assistance, circulation transactions and instruction activity occur. Please keep your voices low and your conversation to a minimum. Students needing to meet in groups are encouraged to use the study rooms available on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

The Library Quiet Policy extends to the Instructional Skills Lab, which doubles as a computer lab/instruction room. Volume and length of conversation in the IS Lab should be kept at a minimum, and cell phone conversations are prohibited in the lab.

The 3rd floor of the library has been designated a “quiet zone.” Loud and extended conversations are prohibited on this floor in order to provide a quiet learning environment. Study rooms are available on this floor, as well as the 2nd floor, for group study involving conversations. Students needing to meet in groups are encouraged to use the study rooms. It should be noted that staff offices are also located on this floor. Because of the library design, residual noise from the 2nd floor may migrate upwards to the 3rd floor.

Study rooms are available on a first come first serve basis for those engaging in interactive group work. However, the study rooms are not sound proof and loud conversations and audio/video presentations may be heard outside the closed door. Groups using these rooms should conduct themselves with respect to those studying in close proximity to their room.

Groups working on class projects have study room use priority over individuals working alone. If all other study rooms are in use, individuals may be asked to relinquish their study room for the group’s use. Study rooms may not be reserved. A group member may not hold a study room for longer than ten minutes if others need to use the room.

Cell phones, blue tooth and other communication devices should either be turned off or set to vibrate when entering the Library. Conversations conducted via these devices are only allowed in the stairwell, study rooms and restrooms.

Use of all audio-visual devices in the library, including I-pods, personal cd players, radios or computers require the use of headphones. Volume level on the headphones should not be audible to others.

This policy will be strictly enforced. All university library users are expected to abide by these policies and will be asked to comply if necessary. Patrons whose quiet study is disrupted are strongly encouraged to contact any library employee. All library employees are empowered with the responsibility to approach disruptive groups and individuals and ask them to discontinue the disruptive behavior. Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave the building.

*In the library’s continuous efforts to improve the quality of service to all users, this policy’s composition was prompted by feedback regarding noise levels in the library from the fall 2007 library services survey.

Social Media Policy for Sister Elizabeth Anne Sueltenfuss Library

Definition of Social Software

Social software is defined as any web application, site or account offered by the Library that facilitates the sharing of information and opinions about library related subjects and issues. Social software currently used by the Library includes Facebook, Twitter, and blog.


The Library uses social software to promote its services and resources, and to encourage dialogue with and between OLLU users and beyond. The social software is intended to foster a welcoming, inviting cyberspace where library users can interact with library employees and other library users. To ensure these spaces remain inviting, the Library moderates the conversation and reserves the right to remove comments that are unlawful or threatening.

Rules for Commenting

To protect your privacy do not post personally identifying information.

Posts containing the following will be deleted by library staff:

  • Copyright violations
  • Plagiarism
  • Off topic comments
  • Commercial material/spam
  • Duplicated posts from the same individual
  • Obscenity
  • Language intended to demean/ridicule/threaten any individual or group on account of gender, sexual orientation, national origin, physical appearance and ability, race/ethnicity, or religion.


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