Writing Center 

Welcome to the Writing Center at Our Lady of the Lake University. We are located in Moye 003. You can reach us at writing@ollusa.edu or by phone at 210-431-4199.

For students

  • Guidance in interpreting and completing assignments 
  • Instruction in writing clearly and correctly, including pointers on spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and style 
  • Guidance on academic honesty (giving credit to sources, avoiding plagiarism) 
  • Assistance with documentation systems (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.) 
  • Feedback on drafts of written work 
  • Training for tutors, graduate and undergraduate, including those who work with Trio programs
Phone Consultations
The Writing Center offers telephone consultations for students classes that are online or located away from the San Antonio campus. For more information, please access our Phone Consultation Guide.

For students and alumni 
Assistance with personal statements and cover letters for graduate/professional school applications and for employment applications

For faculty 
  • Feedback on developing and refining writing assignments 
  • Resources to assess students’ performance on assignments (including suggestions on commenting effectively on assignments and assistance with rubrics) 

For staff members 
  • Feedback on written work (memos, minutes, correspondence, flyers, etc.) 

For everyone
  • A place to work on writing 
  • A place to meet other writers and share critiques
Services will be available in the form of individual consultations, small-group appointments, and scheduled workshops.

Writing Center Vision Statement
A community of thinkers and believers will grow stronger and more creative through the artful use of language. Thus the Writing Center at Our Lady of the Lake University aims to develop confident, responsible writers and to cultivate excellence in writing across all academic disciplines. We do this by providing professional development, tutoring, and space for individual writers to work and for groups of writers to collaborate. We recognize the importance of using diverse technologies and learning strategies to aid in the process of student learning. We participate in the wider academic community by cultivating leadership and a spirit of service, and by engaging in research and reflection on our work.

When you come to the Writing Center, please observe the following:
Set up an appointment if possible. Scheduled appointments take priority over walk-ins. You can reach us at writing@ollusa.edu or at 210-431-4199. (Walk-ins are welcome if the writing consultant is free.) 
    • Plan to work closely with a writing consultant. You'll develop your confidence and writing skills this way. Sorry, but you can’t just drop off papers for editing and pick up a corrected paper when you return. 
    • Bring copies of assignments, documents or other materials that your instructor has given to you or that you have developed for your class. 
    • As much as possible, complete your research before seeking help with research papers. If you need help conducting research, please speak with a librarian or ask us to put you in contact with library faculty. 
    • The Writing Center is generally a quiet space. Please set cell phones on silent before your session begins. Writing groups are welcome to use the Center as a space to share writing, but if the discussion level disturbs individual tutoring sessions, we may need to request that groups move to a library study room or some other space.

    • The schedule will be posted on the OLLU website. 
    • Appointments will generally be scheduled one hour apart (the writing consultant will have 45 minutes to work with you and then 10 minutes to write a summary). However, you are not obliged to stay a full hour. 
    • If the Writing Center staff receives two appointments for the same time, the first received appointment will be given priority, and others will be scheduled in order of receipt at one-hour intervals. 
    • Contact the Writing Center if you are running late or if you need to cancel. If you are ten or more minutes late to your appointment, you run the risk of losing that time slot. 
    • If your appointment reaches its time limit and other students are waiting, the writing consultant will bring your appointment to an end. If your appointment reaches its time limit and there are no other students waiting, your appointment may continue for a reasonable period until other students require the consultant's assistance or the consultant's assigned hours come to an end. 
    • Walk-in appointments must wait until scheduled appointments have been concluded.
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