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7/8: San Antonio Express-News
gets big gift from couple"
Carlos'and Malu Alvarez donate $250,000 to the University.

7/4: Today's Catholic OLLU coming on strong"
Reporter surveys damage and explores rebuilding opportunities at the Lake.
7/2: – "
Hoping to rise from ashes"
Reporters tour the Main Building to see the fire damage and learn about rebuilding plans.

6/22: La Prensa The Lake opens its door to rebuild" (Scroll to page 3-A)

6/21: San Antonio Express-News Firefighters and police get special thanks from OLLU"
Sisters of the Congregation of Divine Providence hold Mass of Thanksgiving and blessing for OLLU supporters.

6/20: San Antonio Express-News
OLLU finally ready to rebuild"
OLLU ready to rebuild following devastating May 6 fire.

6/9: San Antonio Express-News
Literary community unites to aid OLLU
Writers from around the community – including well-known authors like Sandra Cisneros and Naomi Shihab Nye – joined on June 9 for a literary benefit for OLLU.

6/5: San Antonio Current
Our Lady of the Lake Benefit
The article lists information about this Sunday's benefit for OLLU’s English Department at the Southwest School of Art & Craft. Authors/writers scheduled to speak include Sandra Cisneros, John Philip Santos and Cary Clack.

6/1: La Prensa – “Bomberos discuten nuevas estrategias” (Scroll to page 3-A)
The article, written in Spanish, focuses on the analysis session held by Fire Chief Charles Hood about his department’s response to the OLLU fire. The closed-door session included the viewing of an 18-minute video of the fire response to examine strategies used.

5/30: San Antonio Express-News Fire Department analyzes OLLU blaze
The San Antonio Fire Department held an analysis session on the department’s reaction to the May 6 fire at OLLU. This was the first critique on a department-wide level since Fire Chief Charles Hood arrived in April 2007.

5/29: San Antonio Business Journal
“Westside Development Corp. lends helping hand to OLLU in rebuilding effort”
The Westside Development Corporation issued a formal resolution in support of OLLU’s rebuilding efforts and made a $10,000 grant to help.

5/29: San Antonio Express-News 
– “'The Lake' anticipates a flurry of giving
The Valero Energy Foundation donated $1 million to OLLU.
5/18:  San Antonio Express-News "OLLU graduation highlights resolve"
Commencement marks new beginning for University.

5/14:  210SA"OLLU students, faculty pass test of resilience"                
Article looks at OLLU's recovery one week after the fire. 

5/14:  210SA – "
COMMENTARY: Losses at OLLU remind us to appreciate hopeful 
Jenina Hernandez, a graduating senior at OLLU and the spring semester intern for 210SA, writes a column about the opportunity to rebuild following the fire.
5/14:  San Antonio Express-News
"Jim Eskin: San Antonians step forward to 
help OLLU"
Jim Eskin, OLLU vice president of institutional advancement, thanks the San 
Antonio residents who have reached out with donations and help for the University.
5/14: San Antonio Express-News
– “Ken Rodriguez: OLLU fire gave Hood a chance to show what he's made of"

5/14: Baylor University
“Baylor Donates Needed Items to Our Lady of Lake University After Fire"
Two staff members from Baylor's ITS Client Services department drove to San Antonio to donate 30 desktop computers to OLLU.

5/13: San Antonio Business Journal – “
H-E-B to donate meals to Our Lady of the Lake students
H.E.B. donates a day’s worth of meals to OLLU students, faculty and staff.

San Antonio Express-News – “Ken Rodriguez: OLLU rescuers, firefighters saved critical data from inferno
Tells of heroic efforts of staff and emergency officials to save servers from Main Building.

5/11: San Antonio Express-News – “
Dream job eases OLLU nightmare
Carlos Gonzalez, OLLU’s newly elected student body president, learned on Friday that the National Security Agency had offered him “a full ride for his last two years of college, an internship and a job at the Department of Defense after graduation.”

5/10: San Antonio Express-News – “
Sisters relying on their faith
Tells of the influence that the Sisters of the Congregation of the Divine Providence have had on the community and how the University’s founding order is staying strong in their faith following the May 6 fire.

San Antonio Express-News – “OLLU's faith unshaken; president vows to rebuild
Story covers noon prayer service held on May 7.

5/9: San Antonio Express-News – "
Edmund Tijerina: Mother's Day concert has extra special meaning at OLLU"
The columnist writes that José Rubén De León's Mother's Day Concert will also salute the spirit of the University. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education
“Blaze Devastates Main Building at Our Lady of the Lake U."
Blog posting on "Buildings and Grounds" section summarizes stories on fire.

5/8: San Antonio Express-News – “
Jaime Castillo: Fire turns city's attention to overlooked Our Lady of the Lake
Focuses on the renewed community interest in OLLU following the May 6 fire

5/8: San Antonio Express-News – “
Can school's landmark be saved?
Article discusses the rebuilding of the San Antonio landmark: OLLU.

The New York Times Hit by Fire, a Texas University Looks to Rebuild
Story on the fire includes quote from President Pollack on the mission of the University and from a student about how financial aid from OLLU made her education possible.

5/8: San Antonio Express-News – “Editorial: OLLU community lives on despite tragic fire damage
Focuses on the community spirit that lives on despite the loss from the fire damage.

5/8: San Antonio Express-News – “
After the fire, OLLU looks to find new life"
Article explores how the fire has brought the campus community together.

San Antonio Current
– “OLLU fire: The day after ...
Jennifer Herrera, a recent OLLU graduate and associate editor of the arts section of the San Antonio Current, reacts to the fire and comments on the slanted news coverage by the city’s daily.

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WOAI-TV – “Share Your Memories of Our Lady of the Lake
Share photo and videos of Our Lady of the Lake University 

San Antonio Express-News
Special Coverage
Includes links to slideshows, articles, videos, a forum and how to donate.

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9/02: – "OLLU renovated cafeteria, dining section opens"
See brief article and video from local news Web site about the re-opening of OLLU's Sister Annie B Cafeteria.  

– "A look back at the OLLU fire" – Audio slideshow

6/20: OLLU fire damage" slideshow

6/20: More OLLU fire damage" slideshow

5/16: “Bless the ring"
Graduates are interviewed during ring blessing ceremony.

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7/30:  WOAI-AM "OLLU Preparing to Welcome Students Following Fire"
OLLU is ready to move forward in the fall.

6/19: KTSA-AMOLLU ready to renovate"
OLLU is ready for the rebuilding process of the 113-year-old building.

6/19: WOAI-AMMedia allowed to tour the top floors of OLLU"
The University will rebuild and try to preserve the history of the original Main Building.
Related: See photo gallery

5/9:  Texas Public Radio
"Texas Matters" (Show #402) 
The fourth and final segment of the May 9 program includes a reflection by host Yvette Benavides, also an assistant professor of English at OLLU, on the May 6 fire and how it affected the campus community. Link directly to the Windows Media Player to hear this piece.

5/12: Texas Public Radio
“Lake Students Work to Get Newspaper out Despite Fire"

Texas Public Radio’s David Martin Davies reports that today’s publication of the University’s student newspaper is a big part of that healing process. Link directly to the Windows Media Player to hear this piece.

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9/2: and KENS-TV – "OLLU celebrates opening of renovated cafeteria"
Students and staff members are interviewed in this KENS-TV feature story on the reopening of OLLU's Sister Annie B cafeteria.

8/22:  WOAI-TV – "Emergency officials honored"
OLLU honors emergency responders during a San Antonio City Council meeting.

8/15: – "OLLU Bustles After Blaze"
Students prepare to return to OLLU 12 weeks after the fire.

6/19: WOAI-TVNews 4 tours devastation, rebuilding inside OLLU"
In addition to the broadcast, see the related article and slideshow.

6/19: KABB-TVOLLU offers an inside look at devastation" (Scroll down to the story dated June 19 and click "Play video.")
Tour of Main Building.

6/19: KENS-TV"Cameras allowed to see damage"
Media tours Main Building.

5/30: WOAI-TV –
Chief believes more could have been saved in OLLU fire
The S.A. Fire Department held a closed-doors analysis session on the response to the May 6 OLLU fire.

5/22:  KSAT-TV – “Valero Donates $1 Million To OLLU
The Valero Energy Foundation donated $1 million to OLLU’s rebuilding efforts.

5/17:  KSAT-TV – "Seniors Of ‘Our Lady’ Recount Graduation"
Students overcome tough week to reach graduation on Saturday.

5/17: KENS-TV
OLLU celebrates commencement ceremonies"
Graduates look forward to bright future for themselves and the University.

5/13: KENS-TV
Students help raise money for OLLU"
Students at Fox Tech High School organize support for OLLU. Participating organizations include the Cesar Chavez Foundation, UTSA, and LULAC.

5/13: KSAT-TV – “
OLLU Students Try To Cope Following Fire: Memories Still Fresh During Finals Week
Students cope with finals week as they recover from the May 6 fire.

5/12: WOAI-TV – “'Round the Clock Cleanup at Our Lady of the Lake
A restoration crew is on campus handling the aftermath of the fire.

5/12: KENS-TVChurches around S.A. celebrate Global Day of Prayer, pray for OLLU

5/11: KENS-TV  – “OLLU faces a complex reconstruction process
Dr. David Estes, executive vice president, is interviewed on the Sunday morning news about the May 6 fire.

5/11: KXAN-TV (Austin News) – “
The Compact is calling on Austinites to help those affected by devastating fire
Texas Campus Compact (The Compact), of which OLLU is a member, is asking for donations through Saturday, May 17. The group supports service-learning initiatives in higher education institutions. 

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