Bernadette H. Solórzano, PsyD
Professor of Psychology
Community Counseling Service Director


  • PsyD, Counseling Psychology - Our Lady of the Lake University
  • MS, Psychology - Our Lady of the Lake University
  • BA, English - University of Texas at San Antonio

Contact Information:
Office: Community Counseling Service,
590 N. General McMullen, San Antonio, TX 78228
Phone: 210-434-1054

Funded Projects: Family and Community Violence Prevention Program, Office of Minority Health ($750,000).


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  • Solórzano, B.H. (2007). A comprehensive review of the influences on reporting of sexual assaults. [Review of the book Reporting Sexual Assaults] Psychology of Women Quarterly, 31, 216-228.
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  • Dominguez, D., Solórzano, B. & Pena, E. (2012). Nonheteroxexual binational families: Resilient victims of sexual prejudice and discriminatory immigration policies. Journal of GLBT Family Studies,8, 496-508. Doi:10.1080/1550428X.2012.729954.
  •  Bobele, M, López, S.S., Scamardo, M. & Solórzano, B.H. (2008). Single-session/Walk-in therapy with Mexican-American clients. Journal of Systemic Therapies, 27(4), 75-89.


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