Who can participate in a study abroad program?
Any student who is in good standing (has at least a 2.5 overall GPA) can study abroad. Of course, the stronger your GPA the broader your range of options.

When can I study abroad?
Sophomore and junior years are the better time for studying abroad, but the decision of when to study abroad should be made by consulting with your academic advisor and your parents. Whenever you choose to study abroad, the most important thing to remember is that you must plan long in advance, due to application deadlines, competition for slots, obtaining the necessary approvals.

Where can I go?
“Where” you study is decided by “what” your academic, personal, and professional goals require and for “what” you qualify.

Can I study abroad if I don’t speak another language?
Yes. There are many opportunities for study in English, even in countries where English is not the primary language. Although one of your goals may be to learn another language (or just to improve your skills in one you have already studied), advanced language study is not necessarily a prerequisite for most of the programs.

What do I study?
Students from every discipline can study abroad. Most students take at least one course in their major, and many pursue work towards their minor and/or common curriculum.
Students have done everything from regular university courses, to biological field research, to academic internships.

Do I get credit for this?
Students will earn at least elective credit for all academic courses successfully completed in approved programs/institutions. The program and courses must be formally approved before the application is submitted. Then individual courses will be considered on a course-by- course basis for major, minor, or general education credit.

How much will this cost?
The median cost for a semester abroad is about the same as for a semester at OLLU. However, there are large variations in both directions. You have to consider the cost for flight ticket, room and board and personal expenses abroad.

What about financial aid?
Each student is considered for financial aid on an individual basis. Generally, students who have need-bases aid may apply their aid to study abroad.

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