What is UPC?
The University Programming Council is a student organization chartered under the Office of Campus Activities. UPC offers cultural, educational, recreational, and social experiences to the entire University community.

UPC programs range from entertaining activities to educational programs on current issues. Members of the student body are encouraged to join UPC as Program Assistants.

UPC consists of two members of an Executive Team, as well as six Chairpersons and Executive Programming Assistants who work on recruitment and retention with the PA team. The Executive Board provides guidance to the Chairpersons and Program assistants who work together to develop, plan, and coordinate a variety of events and programs for the University Community.

The purpose of the University Programming Council (UPC) is to provide the students with fun opportunities to grow and to become part of the community on campus. We also provide the students with different perspectives. We give the students an escape from the mundane ritual of class and sleep, and provide a verity of performers, i.e. comediennes, singers, poets, magicians, public speakers. We are known as the HYPE kids on campus. The one passion we all have is to have fun and share experiences that we normally are unable to do, but we provide the opportunities for the students to experience new things. "We are the instruments that play in the Grand Orchestra called life, for the university to be heard and remembered."-Enjoli Page, Coordinator of UPC

Join UPC as a Programming Assistant!
Programming Assistants (PAs) aid the chairs in planning, marketing, and putting on their own events. From setting up and tearing down an event to actually aiding in the creative planning of the events, each PA plays an important role within UPC’s success.

Each semester PAs host their own event. Some past events were the Candlelight Fashion Show, Brian Brushwood: The Magician, and yearly closing celebrations. By hosting their own event, PAs gain further training and insight into the role of a UPC Chair for further retention and recruitment into future UPC positions.

The Programming Board puts out applications for these positions in both the fall and the spring. Check the UPC Calendar of Events for the dates the applications are available and when they are due.

2013-2014 Board

Top: Marlina Kendrick, Katrina Miles, Monica Lopez, Celia Rojas, Josey Porras, Courtney Dailey
Bottom: Ana Flores (retention assistant), James Crawford, Naya Willridge
 2013-2014 Events
 Date Event Type Location
 09/04/2013 Cas Haley Reggae Lounge
Special Events
 09/19/2013 Spirit Day
Novelty Library Circle
 09/19/2013 Jen Kober 21 and up Comedy Show
Special Events
PWSR/Blue Room
 10/09/2013 Study Night
Wellness/Novelty PWSR/Blue Room
 10/15/2013 UPC Toga Party Featuring Kaos
Special Events/Multicultural
Chapel Auditorium
 10/28/2013 Malts and Milkshakes Mixer
Fine Arts
 11/05/2013 Shanelle Gabrielle Lupus Awareness Concert
Wellness/Special Events
 Blue Room
 11/20/2013 Hip-hop dance cultural event
Multicultural/Special Events
 12/07/2013 Candle Light
Fine Arts/ Novelty
 Chapel Auditorium
 01/16/2014 Coffee House
Special Events/ Fine Arts
 01/23/2013 Stay True Big Blue
Novelty  Mall Area
 01/26/2014 Color Me OLLU
Wellness  Library Circle
 02/13/2014 The Underground Railroad Diversity Event
Multicultural  PWSR/Blue Room
 02/25/2014 Black Coffee No Sugar No Cream Poetry Night
Fine Arts
 Library Community Room
 03/04/2014 Casino Night: Mardi Gras Style
Novelty  Chapel Auditorium
 03/27/2014 Mr. and Miss OLLU Pageant
Multicultural  Thiry
 04/10/2014 Black Out Light Party
Fine Arts
 Library Circle
 04/11/2014 21 and Up Mixer
Special Events
 St. Anne's Courtyard
 "Creating memories one event at a time."
 Past Events
Svet the hip hop violinist
2012-2013 team at Nelly's Echo

Nelly Performing
Candlelight dinner
The Students enjoying the food at nvet
The students dancing at Candlelight

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