Hamid  Khan
P.E. - Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas
ED.D in Management Education, Ball State University
(Dissertation: Effective Management Development Program Evaluation and Review Technique
M.B.A. - Strategic Human Resource Management,
University of Texas at San Antonio
M.S.I.E - Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B.S.M.E. -Mechanical Engineering, Utkal University

Email: akhan@lollusa.edu

Office Phone: 210-434-6711 ext 2561

Areas of Teaching:
Graduate and Undergraduate Courses in Management; Human Resource Management; Performance Management; and Management Development.

 Areas of Research:

Management and Organizational Behavior; Human Resource Management; including Executive Development, Management Development and Organizational Development with specific emphasis on Authentic Leadership Development

Journal Publications:
Khan, H “Applying process control algorithm to specific learning outcomes by attribute,” in the International Journal of Education Research Volume 6 Number 1, Winter 2011 issue. The Journal is published by International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD).

Khan, H. and Bisking R. “Linear Programming Model for Competitive Advantage: Optimal Enrollment Management with Resource Constraints,” in International Journal of Business, Marketing, and Decision Sciences (IJBMDS) Volume 3, Number 1, Winter 2010 The journal is published by International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines

Khan, H. “Use of General Purpose System Simulation (GPSS) for competitive recruitment, retention, and optimal enrollment management,” Fall 2009 issue of the International Journal of Business, Marketing, and Decision Sciences (IJBMDS) Volume 2, Number 2, Fall 2009. The journal is published by International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines.

H. Khan, “Evaluating the effectiveness of an international executive development program for developing global managers,” Journal of International Business Disciplines (JIBD), Summer Volume, 2008. pp. 86-102 ISBN 1-88975495-1 ISSN 1934-1822 www.jibd.org
Hamid Khan (Northern Kentucky University), Jerome Tapper & Walter Buchanan (Northeastern University), Ali Kashef (University of Northern Iowa), “Using Industrial Partnerships to Aid in Programmatic Continuous Improvement,” Journal of Modern Engineering, Vol. 3 Number 2, Spring 2003.

Khan, H. "Dependable Correlates of Effective Professional Development of Technical Personnel." Journal of Modern Engineering (previously 21st Century Engineer), Fall Issue 2002
Khan, H. “Effectiveness of a strategic management development program,” Applied HRM Research Journal, Winter 2002 Issue, Vol. 7 Number 2 pp. 49-52.

Khan, H. "Learning Problem Solving For Effective Professional Development Of Engineering, Management And Technical Personnel. " Journal of Modern Engineering (previously 21st Century Engineer), Spring Issue 2002

Khan, H. and Anwar, S. “The James H. McGraw-Hill Award: The History of Award and the Trend of Engineering Technology Education,” Journal of Engineering Technology, Year 2000 Anniversary Issue.

Khan, H. "Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness and Laboratory Productivity by Computer Simulation of Teaching and learning Tasks," Computers in Education Journal, April-June 2000 Vol. XI, No. 2.

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Please see International and National Conference Presentations, and Proceedings papers, published in the ‘dropbox’ link (shared)

Bio Sketch:

Hamid Khan, Professor of Management at the School of Business and Leadership, received the prestigious OLLU’s ‘Commemorative Faculty Excellence Award’ in the year 2008. He teaches Face to Face, blended and Online courses in the university’s MBA, and BBA programs. Hamid’s teaching and research interests were in the areas of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in earlier career, but now focused in Management and Organizational Behavior, including Performance Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Management Development of Executives and Management Development of R&D and technical personnel. Hamid has published about 70 refereed articles in international journals and proceedings. Hamid has earned degree of BS in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, MBA, and Doctorate in Education. Dr. Khan is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, and has consulted with various engineering, management and technology companies.

Dr. Khan has also served as an academic program evaluator in Engineering and Technology, and has offered his professional services to program evaluation through his services to the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) in strengthening curricula, personnel and programs. He is also published in the area of Management Program Accreditations through the auspices of the Accreditation Board of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

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