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Mission Statement:

The mission of Our Lady of the Lake University Archives is:

To collect, appraise, preserve records of historical, legal, fiscal, and/or administrative value to Our Lady of the Lake University;

To provide information services that will assist the operation of Our Lady of the Lake University;

To serve as a resource and laboratory to stimulate and nourish creative teaching and learning; and

To serve research and scholarship by making available and encouraging the use of its collections by members of Our Lady of the Lake University and the community at large.


Q: University Archives: Who can use it?
A:A major goal of the University Archives is to make available and encourage the use of its collections for teaching and research. Consequently, most records in the Archives are open and available for use by faculty, students, alumni and the general public. However, in order to protect the records and to ensure their long-term preservation and accessibility, materials in the Archives do not circulate. University records must be used in the Archives office in accordance with the regulations of the Department.

Q: University Archives: What does it contain?
A: The University Archives houses approximately 800 linear feet of records covering the period from the creation of the Academy in 1895 to the present. 
Photographs, slides, architectural drawings of campus buildings, plus faculty and student scholarship documents are included.

The majority of records in the Archives consist of unpublished, paper records, such as correspondence files, minutes of meetings, reports, financial records, architectural records and clippings files. The Archives also maintains a large series of publications produced by OLLU administrative units and departments and by student, faculty and alumni organizations. In addition to the paper-based, "textual records," the University Archives houses a large quantity of "non-textual records," such as photographic prints and video and audio tapes.

Q:Who are the creators of the records?
A: 1) OLLU administrative units and academic departments
2) OLLU-affiliated organizations, such as faculty bodies, student organizations, alumni groups and OLLU support organizations
3) OLLU faculty and alumni with a distinguished record in research and teaching.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to do research in the Archives?
A: You do not need to make an appointment. However, to better fulfill your needs, a call in advance will expedite service.

Records Policy

Records shall be defined as all documents, regardless of form, produced or received by any agency, officer, or employee of Our Lady of the Lake University in the conduct of its business. Documents include all forms of recorded information, such as: correspondence, computer data, files, financial statements, manuscripts, moving images, publications, photographs, sound recordings, drawings, or other material bearing upon the activities and functions of the university, its officers, and employees.

Records produced or received by any agency or employee of Our Lady of the Lake University in the transaction of university business becomes university property and subject to university policy for retention/disposal, access, and publication. Records produced or received by faculty in administrative and university committee service capacities are university records and subject to policy.

No university records shall be discarded, destroyed or transferred from the custody of the university except upon the prior written approval of the University Archivist, pursuant to a finding and recommendation by the administrative unit involved that such records have no further administrative value. The archivist shall withhold the approval of any such action until satisfied that the records involved have no value for other administrative offices and that they need not be retained for legal or accounting reasons, as determined by appropriate officers. Where appropriate, the archivist may arrange for the transfer of records to the University Archives as an alternative to destruction.

Our Lady of the Lake University Archives, under the direction of an archivist, is the depository for records having research or historical value and includes records transferred to its custody. Our Lady of the Lake University Archives also includes professional and personal manuscripts of members of the academic and administrative staffs and records of faculty and student organizations that may be given to the university for preservation and use.

Selection Criteria:

1. Records which would normally be presumed to have enduring administrative and/or historical significance include:

a. Records reflecting the special functions and responsibilities of the originating office;
b. Records which document the policies administered by the office;
c. Records which establish precedents or agreements binding on the University;
d. Records which document change and development in key personnel, programs, projects, plans, purpose, and philosophy;
e. Official publications of the office.

2. Records which would normally be presumed not to have enduring administrative and/or historical significance include:

a. Papers and publications originating outside the University;
b. Duplicated records, papers, or notices originating from another University office;
c. Routine or courtesy correspondence (letters of transmittal, acknowledgements, requests for routine information or services, reservations and itineraries, routine interoffice forms, etc.);
d. Material unrelated to the function or responsibility of the office;
e. Records which may not legally be held for more than a specified period of time (e.g., certain records governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

3. For most offices, a general agreement should be negotiated with the archivist on which records should be weeded and discarded and which should be transferred to the Archives. The archivist should be specifically consulted, however, on any records not clearly covered by the general agreement before these are discarded.

4. Personal papers of trustees, faculty, and administrators which document the professional achievements of these individuals and of the University may also be donated to the Archives. Donors may place reasonable restrictions on the use of these papers, provided that these restrictions are negotiated at the time of transfer to the Archives.

5. Material sent to the Archives should be in a folder and/or box and labeled.

To transmit materials to Archives, please fill out and print a form.

Transmittal Schedule:

A transmittal schedule is available in the OLLU Manual.


Registration: Users must fill out and sign a registration form.

Access to Material: Permission to use records normally will be granted to any researcher upon completion of this form; however, the use of certain records is restricted by statute, by the office of origin or by donors. For the protection of its collections the Archives also reserves the right to restrict the use of records which are unprocessed, records of exceptional value and fragile records.

Circulation of Material: All materials must be used at a work station in the Archives office. No records may be taken from the Archives without written charge out permission of a member of the Archives staff. The Archives stacks are closed to researchers unless accompanied by an Archives staff member.

1. Books, briefcases, packages, coats and hats must be deposited near the entrance of the Archives before the researcher begins work.
2. Food or beverages are not allowed in the department; smoking is prohibited.
3. The use of any kind of pen is prohibited. Pencils alone should be used.
4. All materials must be handled with great care. Researchers must not lean on materials or trace, write on or fold records or handle them in any way likely to damage them.
5. Researchers will maintain the documents in the order they are received.

Photo Duplication Services: The Archives will consider requests for the photo duplication of printed material when such duplication can be done without injury to the material, and does not violate copyright restrictions. Photocopies are made available solely for the private study, scholarship or research use of the applicant, who agrees not to transfer copies to others, further reproduce them or to publish any part of them without written permission of the University Archives. The cost of reproduction is 10 cents per page.

Photographs: Photographs may not be borrowed at any time. However, Archives staff will provide a duplicate or disk copy upon request.

Permission to Publish: Permission to examine materials is not an authorization to publish them. Separate written application for permission to publish must be made to the University Archives. OLLU University does not assume any responsibility for infringement of copyrights held by others.

Recommended Citation: For citations in published or unpublished papers, this repository should be cited as "Our Lady of the Lake University Archives, San Antonio, Texas."

Prominent Record Series:

Administrative Records:

Records from Administrative Units and Schools and Departments: Records of Board of Trustees, President's Office, Vice-Presidents' Offices, Provost’s Office, Alumni Office, Faculty Assembly, Councils and Committees.

Personal Papers: 

Gibson, Guadalupe (Social Work) 1917-2000
Verastique, Bernardino (Religious Studies) 1990-2000
Weniger, Delbert (Biology) 1960-1990
Woods, Sr. Frances Jerome (Sociology) 1922-1992

Newspapers & Publications: *

Happenings (1970-1973)
Lake Alumni (1977-1994)
Lake Currents (1979-present)
Lake Links (1985-1987)
Lake Views (1980-1992)
OLL Report (1972-1974)
OLL Quarterly (1966F-1967W)
What’s Going on at OLLC (1954-1955)
*some issues may be missing.

Student Newspapers & Publications: *

Encounter, The (1976-1979)
Lake Front (1991-present)
Lakeside Times, The (1978-1979)
Legend, The (1976-1978)
Palms, The (1927-1956)
Phoenix, The (1939-1982)
SAM (Student Association Messenger) (1980-1981)
Thing Itself, The (1965-present)
Yearbook (1914-1932; 1990-1991)
*some issues may be missing.




OLLU High School:The Academy Review 1906-1914
Kappa Pi Sigma 1946-49, 1960-1970,
1945-1970 (Silver Anniversary)
Tri-M (Modern Music Masters) 1955-56, 1958-66
Newspaper clippings  1928-1967
St. Martin Hall
TBBC (Texas Bluebonnet Club)



1969-73, 1976-77,
1978-79, 1980-81,
1987-88, 1991-92,
Golden Jubilee (1980)                      


Callahan, Sr. Mary Generosa. (1955). The History of the Sisters of Divine Providence. Milwaukee, WI: Bruce Press. 
    Call Number: BX4475.S43 C35 1955

Callahan, Sr. Mary Generosa. (1981). Mother Angelique Ayres, dreamer and builder of Our Lady of the Lake University. Austin, TX: Jenkins Pub. Co.
    Call Number: BX4705.A838 C34 1981

Duncan, Sr. Virginia Clare. (1967). An Analysis of the Evolution of the purpose of Our Lady of the Lake College. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio. 

Langford, Sr. Mary Diane. (2007). The Tattered Heart: a historical fiction biography of Mother St. Andrew Feltin, CDP foundress of the Sisters of Divine Providence of San Antonio, Texas. New York, NY: iUniverse, Inc. 

Morkovsky, Mary Christine. (2009). Living in God's Providence: History of the Congregation of Divine Providence of San Antonio, Texas 1943-2000. San Antonio, TX: Xlibris Corporation.

Murphy, Sr. Angelina. (1980). 
Mother Florence; A Biographical History. Smithtown, NY: Exposition Press.
    Call Number: BX4705.W263 M87 1980

Records and Minutes:*

  • Academic Affairs Committee
  • Academic Affairs Committee of Board of Trustees
  • Board of Trustees
  • Curriculum Council
  • Enrollment Management Committee
  • Faculty Assembly Meetings
  • Faculty Welfare Committee
  • Graduate Council
  • President’s Council
  • Provost Council
  • Research and Development Council
  • Student Life Committee
    *not all may be included.


OLLU photographs are available in archives. These include some pictures of faculty, Presidents, and Vice-Presidents, guest & commencement speakers. Contact Anna Beyer for information.

Slides of the high school, college and university are also stored in archives. 

Honorary Degree Recipients*
OLLU Presidents
*Not all may be listed.

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