Computer Use Policies

Link to Acceptable use Policy.

Please follow all posted instructions and notices.

Labs are a work environment. Do not play games on the computers. Students doing course work have priority in using the computers. Users may be asked to yield access to the computers when the lab is near capacity. This is especially true during peak hours, and during midterms and finals. Computers left unattended for more than ten minutes can and will be made available to others.

Do not change any desktop settings or program configurations. Use only software already installed on the computers, or authorized course-specific software.

Always use a USB drive or OLLU U:drive  to save your files. Files saved on the hard drive are automatically deleted when the computer reboots.

Labs are a shared work environment. What you see on your screen, can and do get seen by other users in the lab. Users who are seen accessing adult web sites or other potentially offensive files will be asked to leave immediately.

Software piracy is a federal crime. Software packages installed on these computers are licensed for use only within OLLU computer labs. Do not copy the software installed on these computers.

Be considerate to other lab users. Avoid wasting limited lab resources, such as engaging in extended online chat, surfing the web for long periods of time, or other non-academic and time consuming activities, while people are waiting for a computer.

Violators of these rules may be referred to University administration for disciplinary action, and may also face civil and/or criminal charges.

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