Cisco Digital Media Management System
Cisco Digital Media Management System provides digital signage, event capture and broadcast capabilities, multimedia transcoding and secure distribution of instructional and university produced content.

ELMO Document Cameras
ELMO Document Cameras captures and projects images of 2 and 3 dimensional objects.

Final Cut Pro Final Cut Studio
Final Cut Pro Final Cut Studio is used for video and film editing, graphics and animation in 3D, audio post-production, color grading and finishing, and compressing.

LAKE Online

Lake Online is a Course Management Tool. As such, it allows students to access online course materials such as syllabi, quizzes, tests, assignments, streaming video content, grades, and other professor provided items. It also provides a suite of text- and voice-based communication tools, a social bookmarking service, an online calendar tool, a virtual classroom, and a plagiarism-prevention tool.

Wimba Live Classroom
Wimba Live Classroom is an online virtual communication tool in which individuals can text, talk, see each other, share desktop material or applications, and use an electronic whiteboard. Sessions can be archived and downloaded as .mp3, .mp4 files or viewed online.

Wimba Pronto

Wimba Pronto is a privated university based instant messaging application with real-time text, talk, video and desktop sharing capabilities.

SMART Notebook
SMART Notebook collaborate learning software allows users to create easily interactive presentations and lessons within a single application.

SMART Board are interactive white boards that facilitate touch controlled lessons and presentations.

SMART Podium
SMART Podiums are interactive pen displays allow users to write in multiple colors directly onto digital content.

StudyMate enables instructors and students to create digital learning activities and games.

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