Personal, Practical, and Progressive
Our Lady of the Lake University School of Business and Leadership is known throughout the Southwest region of the United States and in Mexico for delivering an education that is practical, personal and current. We develop students with visions of success and leadership for themselves, and graduates who have the knowledge and skills to move toward their visions.


  • Direct communications with faculty out of the classroom
  • Technology used to increase flexibility
  • Career/life planning to connect the relevance of the classroom with personal life
  • Continuing relationships with alumni
  • Special connection to the San Antonio community


  • Experienced professionals as professors
  • Experience as part of the curriculum
    • Internships, simulations, case studies, projects, student organizations
  • Participation by practitioners in the community
    • Guest lecturers, field trips, curriculum development, advisory board
  • Weekend College students share their own managerial experience
  • Material with immediate application in the workplace
  • Tools and skills for a technological society


  • Curriculum that is rigorous, based on best practices and continuously updated
  • Programs and formats that meet the current and future needs of its students
  • Special emphasis on the growing economy of the Southwest region of the United States and its developing relationships with Mexico
  • Integration of topics and skills across the curriculum
    • International, Communications, Ethics, Critical Thinking, Technology
  • The latest technology to learn and to use
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