Discipline Designations
Accounting  ACCT        Geography  GEOG    Psychology  PSYC
Anthropology  ANTH Geology  GEOL Religious Studies  RLST
Arts  ARTS History  HIST Science Education  SCED
Biology  BIOL Interdisciplinary Studies  INDS Sociology  SOCI
Business Administration  BADM Kinesiology  KINE Spanish  SPAN
Chemistry  CHEM Management  MGMT Special Education  SPED
Communication Arts  COMM Marketing  MKTG Speech  SPCH
Communication Disorders  CDIS Mathematics  MATH Social Work  SOWK
Computer Info. Systems  CISS Math Education  MTED   Women's Studies  WMST
Criminal Justice  CRIJ Mexican American Studies  MAST    
Drama  DRAM Music  MUSI    
Economics  ECON Philosophy  PHIL    
Education  EDUC Physical Science  PHSC    
English  ENGL Physics  PHYS    
Finance  FINC Political Science  POLS    

Course Numbers
The first digit indicates the level of the course; thus:
     0 pre-college 
     1 freshman (lower-level courses)
     2 sophomore (lower-level courses)
     3, 4, 5 advanced (upper-level courses)
     6, 7, 8 master's 
     9 doctoral
     The second digit indicates the semester hours
     The third and fourth digits are for course differentiation

Course Descriptions
The course descriptions which follow (alphabetically by discipline) are intended to give the student a general idea of content, though faculty may modify content when necessary to keep up with changes in the discipline or to meet the changing needs of the student.

When a course is offered on a regular cycle, the semesters in which it is scheduled to be offered are indicated as part of the course description; however, course cycles are subject to change as needs vary. Courses in which no cycle is indicated are offered as demand warrants.

The University reserves the right to change and update its curricula by making necessary revisions in the programs and courses listed in this bulletin and in its published class schedules.

Common Course Numbering
Our Lady of the Lake University is a participant in the Texas Common Course Numbering (TCCN) System. This system aids in the transfer of lower-division academic courses among colleges and universities in Texas. Common Courses are identified by a common TCCN designation, composed of a discipline identifier and a course number. Equivalent TCCN designations are listed with all relevant Our Lady of the Lake University course listings sections of this catalog. These courses are listed two ways: if course has an equivalent TCCN number different from the OLLU number, this is indicated by the designation TCCN followed by the TCCN discipline and number in brackets; if course is the same as the TCCN, this is indicated by the designation TCCN in brackets without additional identifying information.

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