To assist OLLU students with tuition, books, and school-related expenses, including childcare and transportation.

The intent of the scholarship is:

  • To honor the memory of Jud Mather, Weekend counselor from 1988-94,
  • To honor and support students who value their education and are making sacrifices to obtain their degree, but who need a little help to carry them through financial difficulties.

Preference will be given to students whose applications demonstrate imagination, integrity, and determination in their search for resources to complete their degrees.

First consideration will be given to undergraduate students enrolled in the Weekend College degree programs and taking at least one course.

Other applicants, including graduate students, will be considered if applications are not received from anyone in the preceding category who meets the eligibility criteria.

Priority will be given to students who have not received a Mather Scholarship in the previous twelve months.

Students should provide at least one letter of support from someone who is acquainted with their situation. They should also write a letter themselves, indicating their educational goals, their other financial resources, the amount of money they are requesting, and the purpose of the request. Letters should be submitted to the Director of the Academic Support Center.

The Mather Scholarship Fund will be managed jointly by the Weekend College and The Financial Aid Office. The chief administrator of the Academic Support Center, in consultation with the staff, will make the determination of awardees and will report all decisions to the Finance Office and the Financial Aid Office. The Finance Office will administer the scholarship fund and will report annually on fund activity. This annual fiscal report will be sent to the chief administrator of the Academic Support Center and to the Executrix of the Jud Mather Estate.

Scholarships will be awarded in amounts of not less than $50 or more than $500. The total amount of awards for a year will not exceed the funds available for disbursement. Awards are based on the University's fiscal year, June 1 through May 31.

The Director of Finance, the chief administrator of the Weekend College and the Executrix of the Jud Mather Estate will review this fund and its activity once every three years.

Other Considerations
Recipients will be encouraged to donate to the fund after completing their own degrees so that the assistance will remain available to future students.

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