FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS "So, where are you at?"
The Office of Health Services is located in the University Wellness and Activities Center (UWAC) Room 112.  The UWAC building is located near the Tennis Courts and Soccer Fields.  The same place the Gymnasium is located.  Our mailing address is 411 SW 24th Street, UWAC #112,  San Antonio, TX  78207.  Land Line: (210) 431-3919;  Fax (210) 431-4091

"Who can utilize these services?"
The health center can be accessed by current students, faculty, and staff.

"How much does it cost to see the Nurse Practitioner?"
Most of your visits to the office are free. The only fees you would pay could be for prescriptions (at the pharmacy), lab work, vaccinations, or in-house specimen collection and analysis (i.e. TB Test, Cholestrol, HgAC, Glucose).

"Is there a doctor on the premises?"
Dr. Jesus Rodriguez is the Nurse Practitioner's collaborating physician. He visits the University once a month to evaluate and monitor our patient care.

"How come this office is never open at night or on the weekend?"
Health Services is open from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. (Mon. - Thur.) and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Fri.). Throughout the history of Health Services, after-hours care and weekend coverage have been adequately managed by several, nearby clinics and urgent care facilities. You can also rely on the University's Campus Police or your Resident Assistant (RA) to address your emergencies as long as you contact them for assistance.

"Do I need an appointment to be seen by the Nurse Practitioner?"
Appointments are recommended.  Most patients are seen on an appointment basis.  Walk-ins are accepted pending the Nurse Practitioner's schedule and availability.

"Do you have the ability to draw blood for lab work?"
The Nurse Practitioner can draw blood from this facility for analysis by an outside laboratory. Fees apply for lab work and vary.  

"Can I get health insurance from Health Services?"
The student health insurance is available through a company apart from the University. Student health insurance is administered by Student Assurance Services (  There is a limited enrollment period each academic year.  Please call Student Business Office for more information


(Private Health information should not be transmitted via e-mail.)
Our Lady of the Lake Health Services 
411 SW 24th Street, UWAC #112,  San Antonio, TX  78207

Land Line: (210) 431-3919;  Fax (210) 431-4091

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