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The Center for Mexican American Studies and Research (CMASR) seeks paper submissions for its 9th Annual Conference. March 22 – 24, 2012. Our Lady of the Lake University. San Antonio, TX. 

The CMASR is committed to showcasing scholarly and creative work which contributes to a deeper understanding of the Mexican American experience. Presenters will address historical and contemporary issues in higher education, culture, and creative expressions relevant to the Mexican American people. This year’s theme is “From Demography to Identity: Who We are in America.” Papers addressing any of the following strands/topics are invited for review by the selection committee:

Migration/Immigration: Historical or contemporary patterns; literary works
Political Representation: Historical and contemporary aspects of voting patterns, districting/redistricting, leadership, interest groups
Higher education: Trends, patterns and “best practices” leading to degree completion of first-generation, Hispanic, and/or Mexican American students; Dream Act; student support; curriculum; leadership in higher education
Services in Community: Promoting collaborative and cooperative partnerships between community organizations and post-secondary educational institutions; community services in health and social services; leadership in community
Religion, Spirituality and Culture: Demographic trends; sources of spirituality; religion and cultural relevance; cultural and ethnic identity
In addition, scholarly papers prepared by undergraduate and graduate students are invited which reflect scholarly and creative works by Mexican American scholars/artists and/or on subjects relevant to Mexican American culture.










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This student-produced piece represents this year's conference theme and will be featured on conference materials.
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