Purchased in Barcelona, Spain, 1969

From Graciela's Notes

This Organillo is a replica of the typical instruments that play the streets of Spain. It is very typical of the country and when I fist went to live there in 1967 there were many organillos to be seen in so many of the street corners in the neighborhood and in downtown Madrid. The plazas also had them – often times there was a small monkey who held the tin cup for a “propina”, a tip. Organillos comes in many styles and sizes. This is just one of many of those styles but it is perhaps the most popular. Their music livens up a balmy warm evening in any of the Spanish cities. They were usually around the outdoor restaurants and bars in Old Madrid and were a joy to hear. Unfortunately, like so many other old customs, the organillos are becoming a thing of the past and, when I left Spain in 1991, there were not many around to be heard. I say that with sadness. Some good things should be around as long as possible to be enjoyed by the new generations. I bought this Cart Organillo in Barcelona, Spain at the Pueblo Espanol- a park of replicas of houses from all of Spain. I was there with my mother during her first visit to Spain in the summer of 1969.

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