Maracas - Aruban

Purchased in Oranjestead, Aruba, 1999

Nice pair of carved maracas made of a round gourd. Bought during visit to the island of Aruba during my Southern Caribbean Cruise in December 1999- in the capital city of Oranjestead.

Maracas - Colombia

Purchased in Cartagena, Columbia, Nov. 2000

From Graciela's Notes

Brightly decorated (handpainted) wooden maracas bought in Cartagena, Columbia in November 2000 during a visit on the Panama Canal Cruise.

Maracas - Costa Rican

Purchased in San Jose, Costa Rica, June 1996

From Graciela's Notes

The maracas are hand carved with the national flower and tree - a very lovely small pair of gourds. These were purchased in San Jose, Costa Rica in November 1996 during my second trip to this beautiful country. I had been there forty years earlier- June1956.

Maracas - Mexican

Mexican Maracas, see below

From Graciela's Notes

This small pair (left) is decorated with the typical maguey plants. Purchased in Mexico City around 1949 while I was spending the summer there with my relatives.

Leather covered maracas (middle) were bought in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico in October 2000.

This beautiful pair of maracas (right) is decorated with hand carved flowers. This work is typical of the Guadalajara area where they do lacquered work and you can see the artisans use special knives to cut the design into the wood. They don’t use any traced pattern – it is all done as they go. I bought them in Lago Chapala, not far from Guadalajara, in the summer of 1940.

Purchased in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1999

This is a nice large pair of gourd maracas I bought in the old town of San Jose, Puerto Rico when I revisited the island during a Caribbean Cruise in December 1999.

Purchased in Puerto Rico, 1999

This single maraca (its pair broke during travel) is decorated with the native frog – called Coqui – and the design is done in burned wood. It is supposed to match the Guiro. Bought during the Southern Caribbean Cruise in December 1999 when I revisited the island. This is a complete gourd – one of many of its varied shapes.

Purchased in Bonnaire, 1999

These black handcarved-flowered maracas were purchased in the island of Bonnaire during my Southern Caribbean Cruise in December 1999 – in the capital city of Kralendijk.

Purchased in St. Lucia, 1999

These brightly colored hand painted maracas have the pictures of typical birds and fish of the island of St. Lucia. I acquired this pair in Castries, St. Lucia during my Southern Caribbean Cruise December 1999.

Purchased in Tahiti, 1964

This interesting single maraca is made of something else other than a gourd. It seems to be made of a native large seed or perhaps a coconut shell. Anyway, it shows that maracas are used in the Pacific Islands and other parts in the world. This one was a gift from friends Marna Schlegal and Judy Marks (we worked together in Mainz, Germany between 1961-1964.) They brought it back for me from Tahiti in July 1964


Purchased in Venezuela, 1956

These are decorated with various scenes of Venezuela -–like palm tree, thatched-roofed-stilt huts around the shores of Maracaibo Lake and the oil well in lake. I bought this pair in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1956 when I worked for Creole Petroleum and lived in Tia Juana – one of the camps on the shores of Lake Maracaibo.

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