Jaw's Harp - America

Purchased in St. Augustine, Florida 1994 (middle )

From Graciela's Notes

Like any Jay or Jew’s Harp, it produces one note. However, the note it produces depends entirely upon the dimensions of its vibrating tongue. The timbre of the note may be affected by the characteristics of the frame and player. To play the jaw harp hold the rounded part of the harp frame between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand, with the long extension of the jaw harp tongue pointing away from your mouth. Place the narrow part of the frame between your lips, allowing your lips to just touch the bars on each side without touching the metal tongue, while holding the bars in position against your front teeth. Your teeth must be slightly parted to allow for a vibrating space for the metal tongue against your teeth – it hurts.  Its distinctive twang is often heard in the folk music of states like: Tennessee, Kentucky and other neighboring states. Í bought this metal Jaw Harp in St. Augustine, Florida in 1994.

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