Harp - Celtic

Purchased in Dublin, Ireland, 1964

From Graciela's Notes

There are several sizes of the Celtic Irish harps.  This one is the Gothic lap harp of just two feet four inches high.  The harps are of Scottish and Irish origin.  Although it is small enough to be considered a lap harp, it is a bit of a misnomer since holding it in your lap will usually involve enough effort to make playing less enjoyable.  It is difficult to hold and play it comfortably.  So, to make it easier to play, it is recommended that you find a sturdy board about 2-3 feet long and about the same width as the harp.  Then, sit on one end of the board and put the harp on the other end.  Be comfortable and play away.  Bought in Dublin, Ireland when I spent the Easter holidays traveling that country in March 1964.  I had it shipped to Mainz, Germany as it was difficult to carry on the plane. 

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