Computer Information Systems & Security


Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) offers bachelor's degrees in Computer Information Systems and Security (CISS) that prepare graduates to become leading professionals in information systems and technology in all industries. OLLU has been designated as a National Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) . It is part of an elite group of colleges and universities nationwide to receive the designation.

The programs prepare graduates for the wide ranging field of information technology through hands-on experience with emerging technologies in the areas of:
  • Computer and Network Security Foundations
  • Database Management
  • Information Assurance and Security
  • Network Administration
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming
  • Systems Analysis and Design

The CISS programs are tied to the federal government's objectives that encourage training and development of skilled professionals in order to protect the nation's information technology infrastructure. Graduates of the program are prepared to help develop, manage and protect computers and networks in government, medical centers, financial centers in virtually every sector of the economy.

Computer Information Systems and Security Degrees Offered

Cybersecurity Competition

Hands-On Opportunities

Labs and Testing - Students studying CISS at OLLU have a wealth of opportunities to gain hands-on experience that they can take into their careers after graduation. There are dedicated CISS labs available to students to conduct various types of testing on networks and information systems.
  • Security Lab – In the security lab, students are cut off from the University’s main network so they can work on testing malware samples.
  • Penetration (Pen) Testing – Students work in the labs on campus to test networks to see if they are able to survive hacks or attacks. The objective of this testing is to determine the security weaknesses in an organization’s network system.

Competitions – Many of the CISS students at OLLU participate in local, regional and national network security competitions. These competitions are another way for future cybersecurity professionals to test their skills in realistic scenarios. OLLU students consistently rank highly in these competitions.

OLLU CISS labCommitment to Community and Service-Learning

As part of OLLU’s dedication to community service and service-learning, there are courses within the CISS curriculum that are specifically designed for students to take their knowledge into the community. Recent community service projects include teaching seminars to senior citizens on online safety and building an app for a local nonprofit organization.

OLLU CISS Competition WinnersInternships and Careers After OLLU

Although not required, CISS students are strongly encouraged to pursue an internship while they are studying at OLLU. Students have gained invaluable experience by being able to take what they have learned in the classroom to some of the top companies in San Antonio and across the country. Many of the students who complete an internship have been offered jobs even before graduating with their degree.

AITP LogoAssociation of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

CISS students at OLLU have the opportunity to join the campus chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP). Becoming a member of AITP allows for students to network with industry professionals, participate in regional and national competitions, keep up to date on industry trends and explore leadership opportunities among many other benefits.

OLLU CISS LabCenter for Information Assurance Management and Leadership

Students in OLLU’s CISS program have access to the University’s Center for Information Assurance Management and Leadership. The center was created to provide access to high-quality information assurance and security policies, procedures, standards and guidelines for the industry, the government and higher education. It serves as a resource for students and the community.

OLLU CISS ClassEarn a Bilingual CISS Degree

Spanish-speaking students can earn a bilingual CISS degree with through the Biliterate Certificate Program. Spanish-speaking students take specialized Spanish classes and fulfill a portion of their major requirements by taking courses taught in Spanish. Learn more about the Biliterate Certificate Program here.

Darius Patton - OLLU CISS graduateDarius Patton

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to further my education at OLLU as my time here has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. Going to school at a challenging university has taught me how to plan ahead and stay organized as well as build relationships with professors and students. I was fortunate enough to land a job with a major management and technology consulting company called Booz Allen Hamilton doing cybersecurity right after graduation.”

--Computer Information Systems and Security ‘17


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