Bachelor's Degrees in Biology

A biology degree from Our Lady of the Lake University prepares students for graduate school, medical school and careers in the health professions, environmental science, teaching and research. Faculty and students share the work and fun that goes with learning. We take pride in the fact that undergraduate students have full use of our up-to-date labs. This gives them the hands-on learning with instrumentation that, at other schools, might be reserved for graduate students. We also offer many opportunities for undergraduate research. Course work can lead to either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in biology.

Biology Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
    • This is the track for students who are interested in graduate studies in biology and employment in biology-related fields. The Bachelor of Science track includes more classes in statistics and physics to better prepare students to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Some graduate and professional programs require that prospective students pursue a BS in Biology instead of a BA, so it is important for students to check the graduate programs they are interested in when selecting between the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Arts degree at OLLU.

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology
    • The Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology is a traditional track for students wanting to study biology in preparation for graduate school and entrance into pre professional programs. This track does offer fewer classes in statistics and physics, so students wishing to apply for graduate school and pre professional programs should check the programs requirements when selecting between the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degrees at OLLU.

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology - Grades 7-12 Science Teacher Certification
  • Biology Minor
    • A minor in biology pairs well with many of the majors offered at OLLU. The addition of a minor in biology allows students to increase their knowledge of biology while also developing critical thinking skills by analyzing the surrounding world, generating and testing hypotheses, analyzing data and drawing conclusions. There are a variety of courses available for students to choose from to tailor the biology minor to their area of interest.

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  • OLLU's Living Laboratory

    Students studying science at OLLU reap the benefits of OLLU's location on the banks of Lake Elmendorf. This prime location makes it easy for biology professors to conduct classes on the lake.

    Let Your Curiosity Guide You

    As part of the Biology program, students can complete research projects with faculty and other classmates. These projects provide opportunities to explore the world and search to find the answers to commonly, or not so commonly, asked questions. Students are encouraged to use their own curiosity to develop their research questions. Additionally, some students are able to present their research at local or national conferences.

    Career Prep and Graduate School

    Biology students go on to enter the work force directly for employers like Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Brooks Air Force Base and the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center among other places. Other graduates go on to professional schools in medicine, dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, nursing and other fields.

    Biology Lab at Our Lady of the Lake UniversityTake Your Biology Degree to Medical School

    OLLU has an articulation agreement with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) for students wishing to go to medical, dental or pharmacy school after graduating. Through the agreement, OLLU students who meet certain criteria and are accepted to the program are guaranteed a spot at LECOM once they graduate from OLLU. OLLU also participates in the Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP) -- a partnership that allows students who meet certain criteria to gain early admission into a Texas medical school.

    Microscope in OLLU Biology LabEarn a Bilingual Biology Degree

    Spanish-speaking students can earn a Biology degree with dual-language emphasis through the Bilterate Certificate Program. Students take specialized Spanish classes and fulfill a portion of their major requirements by taking courses taught in Spanish. Earning the certificate certifies that a student is proficient in both English and Spanish. Learn more about the Biliterate Certificate Program.

    Victoria Balderas

    “The small class size gave me the chance to form relationships with my professors and to be able to better understand material that was given to me.”

    --Biology ‘16



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