Job Search Process

  1. View the listing of Job Opportunities.

  2. Note the supervisor's name and extension number for the position/positions you are interested in and qualify for.

  3. Contact the department supervisor to set up an appointment for an interview. (Supervisors may be reached by calling the Lake number, 210-434-6711 and asking for the extension). A completed application of employment must be presented to supervisor at the time of the interview.

  4. Prior to attending your interview, drop by the Student Employment Office (SEO) to complete an application, pick up additional information, and receive the appropriate work agreement form. The SEO determines which work program you qualify for. For summer employment, students must present their summer and/or the upcoming fall registration invoice, whichever is applicable. Interview preparation tips and Student Class/Work Schedule forms are available in the SEO.

  5. Attend the interview/s.

  6. Once you have been hired for a position, the supervisor must sign the agreement.

  7. Return to the Student Employment Office with all copies of the signed agreement form and complete the remaining paperwork. Students MUST NOT begin working until all paperwork is complete and approved by the SEO.

  8. A Form I-9 must be completed at the SEO. Be prepared to present documents that establish identity and employment eligibility.  A list of acceptable documents is available here and in the Student Employment Office.