Our Mission and Vision


Jointly sponsored by the Congregation of Divine Providence and Our Lady of the Lake University, the Center for Women in Church and Society is rooted in the belief that where women thrive, all of God’s creation thrives. Thus, it is our mission to create an environment in which:
  • individuals recognize and better prepare themselves to fulfill their calling to create a world in which women everywhere can thrive;
  • we model and invite others to live lives of physical, mental, and spiritual abundance;
  • a spirit of activism, social justice, respect, equality, and global awareness fosters campus, civic, and global engagement; and
  • all are invited to and are supported in ongoing personal, professional, spiritual, civic, and educational development.

As an integral part of the Our Lady of the Lake University community and a unit within the Division of Mission and Ministry, we are particularly called to engage, collaborate with, and serve the other members of this University community—including the administration, faculty, staff, students past and present, the Congregation of Divine Providence, the Board of Trustees, neighbors, friends, and extended family. In all that we do, we seek to manifest the University vision and to contribute to its mission of serving students. 


Inspired by the lifelong example of the entire Congregation of Divine Providence, and in particular by our founding directors, Dr. Maria Eva Flores, CDP and Dr. Margit Nagy, C.D.P., the Center for Women in Church and Society is a campus-based, community supporting Center at Our Lady of the Lake University.  Committed to the belief that all beings are valuable, sacred, and deserving of respect and care, we provide an environment—physical, spiritual, and virtual—in which campus and community women support each other and join with men of our campus and community to build and sustain systems and policies that support women around the world in living lives of physical, mental, and spiritual abundance.