Bachelor's Degrees in Chemistry

Students in OLLU's undergraduate Chemistry program will find an active, yet nurturing, environment to start their career in a range of different fields including medicine, engineering, and pharmacy. The faculty provide students with one-on-one attention not only with their studies, but in advising them in their course selections, finding scholarships, career choices, and introducing them to research. Additionally, students have the opportunity to get paid for conducting research.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Biology

The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Biology provides students with knowledge and training in both chemistry and biology so they may understand and investigate the chemical processes that take place in living systems. Chemical Biology is less directed toward understanding nature as it involves exploiting chemical principles to manipulate biological components or systems. The combination of the two disciplines alleviates the strain associated with obtaining a double major in chemistry and biology and provides a strong background for students interested in molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, medical chemistry, biotechnology or forensic chemistry.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry

Students may also choose to earn the traditional Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. The traditional track provides an avenue for students interested in graduate studies in chemistry and employment in chemical related industries. Both tracks can help student who wish to enter the medical and pharmacy fields distinguish themselves amongst applicants. A minor in chemistry is also available and students have the option to earn a Biliterate Certificate with their degree.

Class sizes are kept small and the same professor teaches the lecture and laboratory portions of each course. Professors teach in a manner that gives students hands-on experience in the laboratory and in the classroom.

Graduates have entered a range of graduate programs from Yale University's Pharmacology program to Rice University's chemistry program. Many of our graduates also start their career immediately in industry with such companies like Kimberly Clark, DPT Labs, UTHSC and SWRI.

Biliterate Certificate Program

Earn a bilingual Chemistry degree



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SMR³ Research Program

Earn money to conduct research