Bachelor's degrees in Math

Mathematics is a language and like any language, the sophisticated use of it is like poetry. Mathematics helps us describe physical phenomena and understand data from psychology experiments. It allows business leaders to make informed decisions and gives economists a tool with which to explain monetary markets.

OLLU offers both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Mathematics. An undergraduate mathematics major establishes a foundation for advanced study in mathematics and other areas, such as the sciences and engineering. Students are encouraged to study in depth another discipline (minor or second major) that uses mathematics, such as computer science, biology, chemistry or many other areas.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomathematics

The Bachelor of Science degree in Biomathematics focuses on developing analytical and predictive models of biological and medical systems. Biomathematics is the application of mathematical principles to biological processes. The program is unique in that students are expected to have a strong background in both biology and applied mathematics.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics is a more traditional track where students study advanced mathematics such as calculus and algebra. Students will also develop unquantifiable skills such as the ability to grasp abstract concepts, think critically and creatively solve problems.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics is available for students who wish to pursue a secondary mathematics Texas Teacher Certification.

A minor in mathematics is also available.

High School Preparation

Students considering a major in mathematics should take as many high school math courses as possible, up to and including calculus. Additional science, computer science, and English courses are also recommended, as well as four years of foreign language.
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