vOLLUnteer Unity Council

The vOLLUnteer Unity Council (VUC) is a programming council, student organization, and one of the major programs in the Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism (CSLV). We plan large events, small one-time projects and ongoing programs. Our mission is to unite and empower the University community by engaging in quality volunteer service concentrating on San Antonio's Westside. For more information, email vuc@ollusa.edu.

VUC Programs:

vOLLUnteer Unity Council Agency Partners - Each year, the VUC partners with a number of nonprofit agencies in San Antonio's Westside. They keep us informed of their volunteer needs and provide projects for OLLU volunteers. This is an annual event that is held in the spring semester. The Community Agency Fair is chance for students to visit with more than 35 nonprofit agencies that come to the university to inform students on issues the surrounding community faces and how students can get involved and help.

vOLLUnteer IMPACT and OLLU's Make a Difference Day - vOLLUnteer IMPACT is a bi-annual university-wide service event in which OLLU students, faculty, and staff spend a day volunteering in several of San Antonio's Westside nonprofit organizations. 

Youth and Families - One of the most important ways OLLU can reach out to San Antonio's Westside is by mentoring the youth who live here. You can also work with the youth programs and projects of the VUC. Family issues span a wide range, including parent education, food programs, economic opportunities, self-esteem, teenage pregnancy and much more.

Senior Citizens - Another important population for college students to reach out to are senior citizens. Many no longer have family and friends around to talk to and interact with and can be very lonely. Many are also stricken by poverty that is even harder to deal with because of medical conditions.

Meals on Wheels - Many seniors do not have the capabilities to cook for themselves because of economic issues or medical conditions. Christian Senior Services has established a program to deliver hot meals to seniors once per day to ensure that they get at least one healthy meal and some interaction each day. The CSLV serves as a drop-off/delivery site for 15 seniors in our neighborhood. Drivers and passengers are needed Monday through Friday between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm. Delivering only takes one hour and can be a very rewarding experience.

Affordable Housing - One of the most important issues being addressed on San Antonio's Westside is the lack of affordable, clean, safe housing. Several organizations in the area have made it their mission to change this.

Civic Engagement - An important way to address the social justice issues that impact the programs areas of the VUC and the problems in San Antonio's Westside is through civic engagement. This includes politics, activism and much more. For several years, the VUC has participated in the MLK March on MLK Day in January and the Cesar Chavez March. Both activities are a great way to show our support for civil, minority and workers' rights.

Environment and Neighborhood Revitalization - Another problem of this neighborhood and many throughout the country, is unsafe and unclean streets, lots and sidewalks in less fortunate areas. San Antonio has launched a number of projects to get volunteers and residents involved in cleaning these up.