Implementation of the Plan


The hardest challenge of any strategic planning effort is actually implementing the plan. Implementation requires three integrated factors: steady commitment, oversight and resources. Each factor has been addressed. To ensure the level of commitment needed for success, the OLLU Board of Trustees has been involved in the development of the strategic plan and formally approved the plan in October, 2012. Their approval requires continual reporting to the Board and is a visible demonstration of the high level of commitment behind the implementation of this plan.

Ensuring the implementation stays on track will necessitate specific management oversight. To ensure this oversight, a Strategic Planning Council has been formed. The purposes of the Strategic Planning Council are: 1) To provide management oversight on the implementation of the University’s strategic plan, 2) To ensure that implementation of the plan is integrated with the University’s financial and budgeting processes and 3.) keep the University Community informed on the progress of the plan.

An inadequately resourced plan will fail. Therefore, funds for resourcing this plan have been identified and include reallocation of existing resources from lower priority activities, funding from Institutional Advancement successes, new borrowings and revenue generated by the success of the activities within the strategic plan.

The announced start date for the implementation of the strategic plan is January 2013. Teams supporting each of the theme areas have started working, detailed action plans are being finalized and some initial plan successes have already been made. The journey for Our Lady of the Lake University described by our strategic plan is neither short nor easy. It is a journey both to improve what the University already does, but more importantly, for the University to become something truly worth working hard to achieve. The destination we seek is both simple and totally comprehensive. We seek our destiny: To Be One of the Top 20 Catholic Universities in the United States.