Input to the Plan


Through the Fall of 2011 to the Spring of 2012, the emphasis was on developing an OLLU Value statement, re-examining the University Mission and Vision statements and evaluating internal and external factors relevant to planning. Under contract, Chmura Economics generated two reports on external conditions. The first report was an in-depth market analysis which identified many important labor market trends affecting San Antonio, Houston and El Paso. The second report included recommendations for the University’s growth in areas where additional higher educational achievement was required.

During early spring 2012, the emphasis shifted to an internal analysis to identify our strengths and weaknesses. The internal information came from an intensive effort to solicit input from a large number of university students, faculty and staff. Internal surveys of faculty, staff and students, and personal face-to-face interviews of tenured faculty, senior staff, and those in key positions within the University were conducted. Key information was collected from 75 percent of the faculty, 40 percent of the staff and 12 percent of the total student body. In addition, information from internal reports including: a Retention Task Force Study, a contracted Student Recruitment Assessment, an OLLU internal research and effectiveness review of local market, Academic Program Review, a Services Program Review, a Quality Education for Student Transformation (QuEST) report and a report from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) was included in the analysis of internal information.