Student Handbook 2013-2014


Table of Contents

Student Handbook Introduction

Message from the President

Section I: University Overview
The Mission Statement of Our Lady of the Lake University
The Statement of Purpose of Our Lady of the Lake University
The History and Heritage of Our Lady of the Lake University
The Providential Character of Our Lady of the Lake University

Section II: Student Services, Campus Facilities and General Information
Academic Counseling
Academic Dishonesty
Academic Grievance
Academic Policies
Admissions Office
Assessment Center
ATM Service
Athletic Department
Campus Recreation
Career Services
Center for Academic Achievement
Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism
Center for Women in Church and Society
Change of Student Information
Community Counseling Service
Computer Services
Counseling Services
Death or Serious Illness in the Family
Dining Services
Disabilities Services
Duplication Services
E-mail (Network Access Accounts)
Emergency Loans
Emergency Notification System
Emergency Procedures for Students, Basic Emergency Procedures
Enrollment Management
Fax Services
FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)
Financial Aid
Financial Aid Return of Title IV Policy
Health Services
Help Desk
Identification Cards
Insurance (Medical)
Intellectual Property
International Folk Culture Center (IFCC)
Lake Elmendorf
Lost and Found
Lounges and Study Areas
Missing Student Policy
Mail Services
Orientation Programs
Police Department
Registrar’s Office
Residence Life
Sacred Heart Conventual Chapel
Speech and Hearing Therapy
Student Business Office
Student Concerns and Complaints
Student Employment
Student Leadership and Development Office
Student Life
Student Publications
Student Success Center
Study Abroad
TRIO Programs
University Governance
University Ministry
University Wellness and Activities Center (UWAC)
Veterans Services
Weekend College Program

Section III: University Policies, Procedures, Statements andGuidelines
Alcohol Distribution Policy
Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy
Chalking Policy
Charitable Collections Policy
Children on Campus Policy
Convicted Felons Policy
Email Policy
External Communications Policy
Freedom of Expression and Dissent Policy
Harassment Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Hazing Policy
Illegal Gambling Policy
Intellectual Property Policy
Loitering Policy
Meningitis Vaccination Policy
Missing Student Policy
Posting Policy
Sales and Solicitation Policy
Security and Emergency Services Policy
Smoking Policy
Student Complaints: Discrimination
Student Concerns Procedure
Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act/Policy
Technology (Acceptable Use) Policy
Theft Policy
Vehicle Usage Policy
Statement on Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources
Statement on AIDS and HIV Infection
Statement on Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
Statement on Compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989
Statement on Compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
Statement on Political Speakers
Statement on Rights and Freedoms of Students
Statement on Rights of Sexual Assault Victims
Statement on University Emergencies

Section IV: Student Code of Conduct
Article I: Disciplinary Conduct
Article II: Academic Conduct
Article III: Student Organization Conduct
Article IV: Judicial Procedures
Article V: Student Judicial Committee
Article VI: Behavior Consultation Team
Article VII: Sanctions
Article VIII: Sanctioning Procedures
Article IX: Appeals Procedures
Article X: Interpretation and Revision

Section V: Resident Student Policies and Procedures

Section VI: Student Organization Policies and Procedures