Faculty Excellence Award

The 1895 Commemorative Award for Faculty Excellence rewards superior teaching in the sciences, social sciences, mathematics, business or education at Our Lady of the Lake University.

 2014 Teresita Munguia, PhD, Chemistry
 2013 Phyllis Duncan, PhD, Leadership Studies  
 2012 Cora Le-Doux, PhD, Social Work
 2011 Mark T. Green, PhD, Leadership Studies
 2010  Cullen Grinnan, PhD, Education 
 2009 James Hall, PhD, Biology 
 2008 Abdul Hamid Khan, EdD, Human Resources Management
 2007 Sister Ann Petrus, CDP, PhD, Mathematics
 2006 Consuelo Bossey, EdD, Special Education
 2005 Abigail Gray-Briggs, PhD, Business Administration
 2004 Catherine Rainwater, PhD, Biology
 2003 Sunny Villaescusa, PhD, Biology
 2002  Robert August, MBA, Computer Information Systems
 2001 Dorothy Williams, EdD, Education

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