Finding Copyright Information

Finding Copyright Information

Ownership, digital media, management, licensing resources, fair use, courseware 
    University of Texas

Informational; cases involving copyright infringement, pending legislation, building a copyright notice, fair use, how information comes into the public domain 
    The Copyright WebSite

Comprehensive; Stanford University Libraries - includes search capability 
    Copyright and Fairuse

Articles, guides, links to government and other sites 
    WWW Multimedia Digital Interactive Media Law

This home page contains the electronic version of Fair Use of Copyrighted Works promoted by CETUS (Consortium for Educational Technology for University Systems), which is comprised of California State University, State University of New York, and the City University of New York 
    Fair Use of Copyrighted Works: A Crucial Element in Educating America

Located at Penn State - the Non-Legislative report 
    The Multimedia Fair Use Document