Mission and Ministry

Division of Mission and Ministry

In the Division of Mission and Ministry we believe that every individual has a calling, and we are eager to walk with all members of the OLLU community as we individually and collectively engage in personal, professional, and spiritual growth that empowers us to more fully recognize and embrace our callings.  Our goal is to engage the entire OLLU community in developing a deeper understanding of, and greater participation in, the Mission of Our Lady of the Lake University. For us, that OLLU community includes all of our students--on the main campus in San Antonio, those who study at our Houston and Rio-Grande Valley campuses, and those who are in our online programs. Moreover, that community also includes all of our staff, faculty and administrators at all locations, our beloved Sisters from the Congregation of Divine Providence, the family and friends of all of these folks, and, of course, our "neighbors"--both virtual and physical. Community is one of the four core values for our institution, and thus, is one of the pillars on which the University stands. We work to make sure that community is a strong and fully developed as it can be. We hope that you will join us.

The Division is made up of:

*     The Office of the Vice President for Mission and Ministry

*     The University Chaplain’s Office

*     University Ministry, and

*     The Center for Women in Church and Society