Student Testimonials


"To me, the Honors Program represents a valuable investment in holistic education. Although I challenge myself within my major, my honors classes raise the bar even further.  I definitely feel more developed and well-rounded in my second year in the program, as academic disciplines are beginning to overlap. The Honors professors here at the Lake are fascinating educators who encourage intellectual dialogue amongst my friends (No, there is no such thing as peers in Honors. We are all friends!). It’s less about regurgitating information on a test, and completely about investigating the world and continuing higher education throughout life. Even if it’s nice to get a little extra money for school and some graduation and professional recognition for hard work, the impact of the Honors Program on my education far outweighs that." 
-Emily Backus, Senior, Accounting Major, pursuing Biliterate Certification.

"The honors program has allowed me to become a part of a dedicated group of students. I would not know most of the students I do know, if not for the program; it's like a small social network of academics."
-Angelica Casas, Junior, Editor-In-Chief, The Lake Front

“The Honors Program has an enormous importance to me because in the business world you must possess leadership skills to develop amazing ideas that will enhance and serve the many communities.”  
-Marcela Avelar, El Salvador, International Business; 2012 graduate  

"The OLLU Honors program helped me to become a better leader among my peers, to volunteer around the Westside community, and to develop the integrity needed to succeed in life."  
-Ernest Silva, Business, 2012 graduate

"To me, the Honors Program represented a higher standard of education, which was, and still is, very important to me. I didn't want to go to college and be just a name on a sheet of paper or a number - I wanted to make a difference, stand out, and fully maximize my potential. I found that joining the Honors Program was just the beginning to this journey leading to excellence."
-Melissa Gonzalez, Vice President, Student Government Association; 2011 graduate