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NTS - Email FAQ


Q:  I am getting messages from the System Administrator that says my mailbox is closed. What does this mean?
Each email account has a limit to the amount of mail that you can store and you have met or exceeded that limit. The limit for students is 10 Megabytes, for Faculty & Staff it is 50 Megabytes. This is not to say that you are limited to the number of messages, but rather the size of the message. For instance, you can have hundreds of items that are just text messages, but only five if each item had a 1 megabyte attachment. So, the limit is on total size, not number of messages. Also, everything in your mailbox counts toward the limit: All items in your inbox, items in folders that you have created, things in your sent items and deleted items folders. You should look for messages with large attachments and delete them, empty your sent items, and your deleted items.

Q:  What happens to my email account when I graduate or leave the University? How do I close my account if I’m leaving?
The I.S. Helpdesk receives a list of students who graduate each semester. You have 90 days after graduation to clean up your email account before it is closed. Be sure to unsubscribe from any listservs and inform anyone that emails you regularly. If you are leaving the university, you may close your account by coming by the Helpdesk.  We do reserve the right to close your account if you are not enrolled for one full semester, but we will not close accounts of Fall/Spring students who are not enrolled over the summer.

Q:  What if I have forgotten my password?
If you forget the password on your account, come by or call the Helpdesk office in Libary 111 (Ph: 210-434-6711 ext 2236.) 

Q:  What if I have a question not answered here ?
Email I’ll answer your question as quickly as I can!