Class Meeting Contingency Plan


Students enrolled in Weekend College should try to anticipate when bad weather or any other conditions might occur which would call for weekend classes to be canceled. In the event of present or imminent emergency (e.g. hazardous weather conditions, utility failure, public disaster) necessitating the general cancelation of university classes and/or the closing of university offices and departments, before leaving home for class, students should call to verify that classes have not been canceled by calling 210-431-3995.

This number is the direct line to the Weekend College office. A voice mail message will list if classes will be canceled regardless of what is said on the local TV or radio stations. All students should consider this to be the official contact number to determine if classes will be held as usual or have been canceled. If classes are canceled:

  1. Orientation weekend, orientation time will not be made up.
  2. After classes begin and class time is lost, it will be made up as soon as possible. Each professor, in consultation with his/her class, will arrange for the makeup period. Weekend College staff will be happy to assist in any way to facilitate making arrangements.