The Student Employment Office publishes this Student EMPLOYMENT Handbook. All Our Lady of the Lake University students employed through the Work-Study and Student Employment programs receive a copy of this handbook. This is the current 2013-14 edition and so any previous editions are considered obsolete.

The Student EMPLOYMENT Handbook provides general information, guidelines, policies, and procedures for students employed at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) through the Work-Study/Student Employment work programs. The contents do not create terms and conditions of an employment contract, either expressed or implied, with OLLU.

This Handbook does not constitute a contract of employment between the student employee and OLLU. You are an employee-at-will. The guidelines, policies, and procedures outlined in this Handbook are subject to change by the University at anytime and without prior notice to the employee.

It is the student employee’s responsibility to read and familiarize him/herself with the contents of this Handbook.

If you have any questions about this Handbook, contact the Manager of Student Employment at the Student Employment Office at 210-434-6711, ext. 8179 or 2700. 

2013-14 Student Employment Handbook

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