Payroll Information


All Student Employment and Work-Study positions are hourly positions. Students are paid for actual hours worked and may not work over 25 hours in one week. The Office of Financial Aid determines the award amount for Work-Study students. Students hired must have completed and submitted all required paperwork to the Student Employment Office, to include the W-4 and I-9, and enrolled into the time clock system in order to begin work.

It is the student's responsibility to punch in when reporting to work and punch out at the end of the work shift. Student employees must use the time clock located in the building where the employing department is located unless otherwise specified and approved by their supervisor. Student employees must adhere to this procedure of punching in and out to keep track of hours worked. Student employees may be terminated due to excessive missed punches.

Students are not eligible for paid sick leave, vacation days or any holidays. Student employees are covered by Texas Workers Compensation if injuries are incurred while on the job. Students should be aware that earnings over 20 hours per week may be subject to social security tax.

Student employees must punch in when reporting to work and punch out at the end of the shift and for a lunch break.  Student employees are paid on an hourly basis for actual hours worked and recorded on the time clock.  Missed punches may delay payment until the following payday. Excessive missed punches causes inaccurate reporting of hours worked and may lead to termination of employment. 
All student employees will be paid on a bi-weekly basis in accordance with the Work-Study/Student Employment Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule, with possible exceptions during holiday and break periods. Should the need to make changes to the payroll schedule occur, due to unforeseen circumstances, the SEO will post the changes and notify department supervisors.

Student employees as well as all OLLU employees are required to enroll in direct deposit or obtain a payroll card, which can take a few days to activate. Paycheck advises (or stubs) can be viewed online under Web Adviser if you sign up for paperless advises (through the SEO); otherwise your supervisor will have your paycheck information.

Please let us know if closing a bank account that has been set up for direct deposit. Should a check be submitted to a closed account, replacement funds will not be provided to the student until OLLU receives the funds back from the student’s bank.

If for some unforeseen reason you happen to receive a check (verses Direct Deposit or Payroll Card), paychecks not picked up within 10 days of payday may be applied to students’ accounts. At the end of the semester or during holiday periods or breaks, students may provide a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Student Employment Office and request their checks be mailed. Paychecks will be mailed out provided the student’s account has a zero or credit balance.