Strategic Goals


Approved by the Board of Trustees January 29, 2009

Goal 1: Improve the quality of programs and support services

• 1.1 Improve student learning through excellent teaching, advising, and co-curricular activities
• 1.2 Strengthen our distinctive programs
• 1.3 Expand initiatives that express our Catholic identity and sponsorship by the Congregation of Divine Providence
• 1.4 Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of institutional processes

Goal 2: Increase engagement in learning, work, and service

• 2.1 Involve more students in enriching educational experiences, particularly internships, service, and study-related travel
• 2.2 Provide comprehensive professional learning and development opportunities for faculty and staff
• 2.3 Recognize meritorious accomplishments by students, faculty, and staff
• 2.4 Fulfill the University’s societal responsibilities by better serving our community

Goal 3 : Expand, initiate, and modify academic programs to meet local and regional needs

• 3.1 Graduate more students in fields that prepare them to address important social needs
• 3.2 Graduate more students with degrees matching expectations for tomorrow’s workforce
• 3.3 Expand educational programs for nontraditional students

Goal 4: Enhance facilities and technology to improve learning

• 4.1 Rebuild and modernize Main as the first step in upgrading facilities
• 4.2 Update and implement the Campus Master Facilities Plan
• 4.3 Expand the use of technology in teaching
• 4.4 Implement a continuous development plan with a major focus on fundraising for facilities

Goal 5: Develop a long-term comprehensive financial plan that guides institutional progress

• 5.1 Determine principles on which to base long-term enrollment targets
• 5.2 Implement multi –year revenue and expenditure strategies
• 5.3 Ensure the strategic use of financial assistance to enroll, retain, and graduate students