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Campus Changes

You will see some changes on campus and will be asked to do things a little differently this academic year.

Social distance in elevator

Changes Include

Elevator Capacity is Limited

Depending on elevator size, one to four individuals are allowed at a time.

One-way Traffic Flow on Some Stairs

Stairs in some areas of campus are designated up or down to reduce spread of germs from person to person. 

Meeting Room Spaces Limited

Limits have been placed on the number of people allowed in meeting spaces; online/virtual meetings are encouraged.

Increased Outdoor Activities

More student activities are scheduled in outdoor spaces to provide for greater distancing and more airflow.

Plexiglass Guards

Guards have been placed in key student service areas.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Sanitizer are available at building entrances and in high-traffic areas outside of computer labs, classrooms, art studios, and laboratories.

Increased Cleaning

More frequent cleaning of high-touch and high-traffic areas is taking place throughout the day; aerosol disinfectants are being used in high-traffic areas and classrooms.

Visual Reminders

Throughout campus there is signage to remind the community of proper distancing, hygiene, traffic flow and health precautions.