Field Education is an integral component of social work education and is an opportunity for social work students to integrate coursework with “real life” professional experience. The goal of the Field Education Office is to facilitate and enhance the student learning experience for students and agency field instructors. 

BSW students are required to complete 510 hours in a block field placement (after all coursework is completed). MSW Foundation students complete 240 hours a semester over an academic year for a total of 480 hours in the same placement setting. MSW Advanced students complete a 500 hour block placement to fulfill the degree requirements.

Several agencies in San Antonio and the surrounding area generously serve as field placement sites. To obtain more information, please contact Professor Cynthia Medina, Director of Field Education, at 210-434-6711, ext. 2502, or

MSW Field Education Manual

BSW Field Education Manual

All-in-One Education Plan and Assessment Form (for BSW Students ONLY)

All-in-One Education Plan and Assessment Form (for MSW Foundation Students ONLY)
All-in-One Education Plan and Assessment Form (for MSW Advanced Students ONLY)
Worden School Student Code of Conduct

Field Education Improvement Plan
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