Welcome to the Center for Mexican American Studies and Research! In May, 2008, the OLLU Board of Trustees approved a new and bold Vision Statement which notes, in part, that “We aspire to be nationally recognized for... our expertise in Mexican American culture…”

The CMASR is positioned to play a central role in achieving this vision. We recognize and approach Mexican American culture as an asset and resource. We recognize the rich and diverse experiences within Mexican American culture. Mexican Americans are diverse in language--from monolingual to multilingual, identity and self-labeling preferences, social class, religion and family history. As a group, the collective historical experiences are also shaped by regional and social political contexts. We address these topics and issues in our specialized curriculum and professional development opportunties.

You may know that a significant percentage of our students come from Hispanic and Mexican American cultural backgrounds and our scholarly research indicates that cultural affiliation and belonging can contribute positively to academic success. In addition, many of our non-Hispanic students recognize the opportunities and professional advantages they can gain through a richer and deeper appreciation of this growing segment of our national population. We are uniquely positioned to be a national leader in cultural competence, intercultural and global skill development, bilingual and bicultural programming, and Mexican American cultural expertise. 

Again, welcome to the CMASR!


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