Academic Counseling Services

Advising New and Current Students:
If you are a first time freshman, or a transfer student with less than 30 credit hours, we will be advising you during your first semester at OLLU. 

Review Degree Evaluation and degree requirements:
Our counseling staff will assist you to better understand your degree plan, including the general education curriculum requirements. Additionally, once you understand your degree requirements we will help you to plan your class schedule. 

    ACCUPLACER Exam: Student Guide   

    General Education Requirements (effective Fall 2012)

Teaching Applications of Learning:
This course helps first semester freshman successfully transition from high school to the rigor of OLLU.  It is taught by an instructor and a First-Year Connection (FYC) mentor.  The course focuses on overcoming freshman anxieties, college level academic skills, and connecting to the university community.

Referrals to Support Services:
Our academic counseling staff helps students in many ways and listening is one of them.  We can guide students to support services on campus if they are unsure where to go.  We may connect students to our Tutoring Center, Writing Center, Counseling Services, Student Support Services (SSS) Program, McNair Scholars Program, a faculty member, Services for Students with Disabilities, Center for Service-Learning & Volunteerisms (CSLV), or Career Services to name just a few referrals. 

     Academic Student Support Services

Add/Drop classes:
In college, adding and dropping classes can have serious effects on your academic and financial aid status.  The academic counseling staff can help students make informed decisions about adding and dropping classes.

Helping students with Academic Challenges:
Students who may be struggling in a class or on academic probation can work with an academic counselor to make a plan for academic success.             

Helping students with Lifestyle balance:
Whether you are overwhelmed trying to manage a full time class load and a family or overwhelmed with classes and work or just need help with time management or task management, the academic counseling staff is available to help you balance the responsibilities of college life.  We can work with you to help you manage your tasks and time more effectively.

Helping students with Career Planning:
Undecided major? The academic counseling staff can help you to explore areas of study and career paths.

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