You've added stock options, ramped up health benefits and support flexible work schedules, yet it seems as if every week one of your top performers leaves for another opportunity. While great benefits may attract top employees, effective first-line managers are what it takes to retain the best employees.

Essential Skills of Leadership is the first step to developing successful managers

This face-paced, interactive workshop equips first-line managers with three critical management skills to lead teams toward shared goals and to achieve an organization's strategic objectives.

  • Maintain or Enhance Team Member Self-Esteem - Develop critical skills to effectively delegate, evaluate performance, correct work habits, deal with complaints, and resolve conflicts while supporting individual members' sense of self-respect and dignity.
  • Focus on Behavior - Problems on the job are solved more effectively and less stressfully when a manager deals with what people do rather than with their attitudes or personal characteristics.
  • Encourage Team Member Participation - Develop powerful motivational tools by involving team members in decision making, problem solving and other activities.

Facilitator Kevin Prescott has more than 20 years experience leading award-winning management development programs. His work with first-line managers and supervisors results in improved business practices, and more productive and profitable teams.

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